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Zebex Z-6170 omni-directional barcode scanner


The Z-6170 is an aggressive omni-directional barcode scanner with outstanding scanning ability. Z-6170 features a large LED indicator giving a clear visual reading for ease of scanning. The heavy duty Z-6170 barcode scanner can be counter mounted making it ideal for scanning lots of items at high speed.

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Key Features

  • Elegant look in attractive black housing
  • Easy fixing plate to secure scanner to counter
  • Large LED gives good read indicato
  • Single-line scan mode switchable by trigger
  • 20-line omni-directional laser beam decoding ability reading up to 1400 scans per second

The Z-6170 barcode scanner has a modern and low profile appearance, it is equipped with an adjustable tone and volume button which works well in either quiet or noisy environments. The Z-6170 has a contoured shape making it possible to use as handheld when required.

Elegant and functional, the Z-6170 leads the trend to the next aesthetical level. Its distinctive white/black color fits perfectly into places like bookstore, boutique and anywhere delicacy is a must. With uniquely designed single-laser scan engine, the scanner has 20-line omnidirectional laser beams reading at 1,400 scans per second, and upgraded CPU for decoding most popular 1D barcodes at an unbeatable performance.

• Single-line trigger button
• Tiltable stand with hinge shaft design
• Advance decoding design for fast and accurate scanning
• Unique plastic suction cup for easy field installation
• Honored by Taiwan Excellence 2010

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