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External Universal Dallas Reader - USB

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Key Features

  • Reads all dallas touch memory buttons
  • USB HID keyboard or RS232 interface
  • 3-colour LED indicator to show operation status
  • Audible beeper to show reading status
  • Compact size easy to be built into the device

The TMR901 is a simple to use device, that lets you read the registration number (ID-Code) of Dallas Semiconductor’s Touch Memory Button / iButton. Each iButton has a unique serial number which is unalterable. It can be used as a key or identifier for each iButton that is guaranteed against duplication. The TMR901 will plug into any USB port of a PC or EPOS terminal. No two buttons can ever have the same registration number, they can be used for various identification purposes (Objects, people, etc.), also for automated password entry and lots of other applications. The TMR901 will read the registration number of all Dallas Touch Memories manufactured, regardless of their model number.

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