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LM048 bluetooth serial adaptor


LM048 is a bluetooth serial adaptor, its unique firmware enables serial receipt printers a plug and play wireless adapter.

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Key Features

  • World’s smallest RS232 Bluetooth® adapter.
  • Multi power supply options, AC Mains via Mini USB, USB-Mini USB.
  • Supports up to 100 meters (in open space).
  • Unique Patented Firmware Enabling Serial Printer Functionality.
  • DTR DSR Handshaking and RTS CTS Flow Control options available depending on the configuration.
  • No need of external host or software, simply works as a standalone product.
  • Ability to transfer DTR, DSR, RTS and CTS line status over air providing a true Serial Cable replacement solution. This functionality allows serial printers using DSR or CTS line for error reporting such as “Out of Paper”, “Printer Offline” etc.
  • Ease of configuration and setup using LM149 Software.

The LM048 is recognised as the worlds smallest bluetooth 100m serial adapter. These work in conjunction with all our printers.

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